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I Move4u.com understand that moving to your new home is a fun and exciting time, yet very busy, that is why we are here to offer you our services and help you plan your move from start to finish. We can do some, none or all of the work for you.
Everybody's properties are different and requirements individual, you may wish to keep the costs down and choose to do the packing yourself and take advantage of our van and staff hire service. Others may wish to opt for a less stressful approach and select a full Packing and Moving Service where I Move4u.com will take care of everything from start to finish for you.

Moving With The Professionals

As a member of the British Association Of Removers, I Move4u.com is recognized as being at the forefront of the removal industry and is dedicated to providing professional excellence in the services it provides making us one of the UK's No 1 relocation agents.

I Move 4 U Lorry And House
I Move4u.com will send an experienced estimator to visit you at home to plan your move from start to finish with you. Your estimator will explain the services to you clearly and agree with you the best way in which to move to your new home leaving you time to sort out any other loose ends such as closing utility accounts and arranging child care for the day. You will then receive a written quotation explaining all the services which will be included in the final move. When planning your move with your estimator they will need to understand how much requires moving, if you would like a packing service or storage and the details of your new home. This will help them to ensure the appropriate vehicles, number of men required and packing materials meet with your requirements. The removal package will be designed with you in mind and your estimate will confirm the specific requirements of your move helping to avoid those last minute niggles prior to moving into your new home. Home Moves Estimator Service

Packing Services

I Move4u.com have a selection of packing services including:

Fragile Pack: Is a service in which you can have all of your glass, china and cherished breakables wrapped and packed by our professional packing staff.

Part Pack: Is a service in which you will receive a fragile pack, and also includes packing of the two main rooms in your home, being lounge and kitchen.

Full Pack: Is a service in which our professional packing staff will pack the entire contents of your home, including all rooms, garages, gardens and will include all dis-mantling and re-assembling of any furniture with the dis-connection & re-connection of any white goods and appliances.

The Self Pack: This is the service in which the customer will pack themselves. Of course, I Move4U.Com will supply you with a full home packing kit.

Packing Ornaments

Dismantling And Packing Guide

Unless otherwise agreed with your estimator you will need to prepare all items for a safe transit including the dis-mantling of all flat packed furniture, disconnection of all appliances and the wrapping and packing of all your goods.

In preparation for your move, all of your belongings of your home will need to be wrapped and packed into removal cartons this procedure can be taken care of by ourselves simply by opting for a full packing service and removal service.
Furniture which has been purchased as flatpacked will need to be broken down for transit, this type of furniture is not designed to be moved around in its assembled form.

Packing Cartons

These will be delivered to you in good time before you move following your discussions with our estimator. Please ensure both the top and bottom of the cartons, when packed, are securely sealed with packing tape.
Mark each box with details of the contents. Please also clearly label anything that you will be taking with you in your own car and also anything that is to remain behind.
Self-assembly furniture tends to be less rigid than ordinary furniture and we suggest that you dismantle such items prior to moving, unless previously arranged with our estimator.
Heavy items
When packing, give a thought to our poor staff! Books, for example, can be very heavy and should be evenly distributed and mixed with lighter items.
Delicate items
Glass and china items should be individually wrapped in packing paper and lighter items should be placed on top of heavier items. Try to pack vertically, if possible. Tiny objects should be wrapped in tissue and kept in a specially marked box. Ensure liquids are in leak-proof containers and are not inflammable.


Wrapping Glasses
Packing Cabinate

1. Each box must not exceed 25kg
2. Indiviually wrap fragile or breakable items
3. Don't mix breakables and non-breakables
4. Fill each carton fully
5. Make sure each box is flat topped ie sealed
6. Make sure each box is labelled with room & contents reference
7. Only use I Move4u.com cartons
8. The heavier the item the smaller the box ie books and DVD's small box
9. All fragile boxes must have extra added padded protection.
10. Rule of the thumb if it fits in a box it belongs in a box

Staff Pack Boxes


Essential Moving Guidelines

Unless special arrangements are made with our estimator, our staff are not authorised to disconnect items such as cookers and washing machines. We therefore recommend that you organise this with a plumber and the appropriate Gas and Electricity Board.
Heavy items
If possible, secure the drum of your washing machine with transit bolts. Freezers need not be defrosted unless going into storage but it will be very useful if you could place all your frozen food into strong polythene bags which can be quickly removed and replaced when carrying the freezer.
Please ensure you remove all fixtures and fittings that you intend to take with you.
You should normally clear out the loft yourself, unless otherwise previously arranged.
All garden and garage tools should be prepared in such a way that they can be easily and quickly carried to the van.
Please let us know if any plants are to be moved. In this case they should be made secure and watertight. Swings and climbing frames should be dismantled in advance with all relevant bolts safely retained.

Packing GLass Table

Carpet Protection And Furniture Covers

I Move4u.com provide carpet and floor protection for every removal service we provide. This will ensure that your carpets remain in prestige condition especially on rainy days. All of our vehicles are equipped with professionally made bespoke furniture covers for all sofas, dining room suites, matresses,white goods and Tv's.


I Move4u.com as with all BAR registered companies include a standard liability insurance package free of charge with every removal. We also offer a more comprehensive policy tailored to your required level of cover. Speak to your estimator if there is something specific you have in mind or are concerned about. We also offer competetive insurance packages for our storage customers whilst your goods are in our store. Insured through Reason Global who are on the panel of insurers for the BAR we have chosen a specialist in the relocating industry and their knowledge is second to none. Our underwriters at Brit insurers who are regulated by the FSA can put together a policy for each individual customer in mind with levels of cover up to £250,000 per lorry. A summary of our insurance is available on request and is provided with every estimate.

Suite Protective Cover

You can use the links below to find out about disconnecting your essential services. You can use the links on the right to view our moving checklists.

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SKY Essex And Suffolk Water
Talk Talk Scottish Water
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Cable And Wireless Wales And West U Switch
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